"The trip at the end of the year is definitely a highlight of the boy's lives. This program is an investment with a life-time of dividends."

Ofelia Mendez - Guadalupe Elementary Principal


Each mentor is to be assigned to work with a student throughout the school year at least twice a month to have lunch with them, mentor, challenge, and encourage them. We pay for the lunches at the schools.
Optional, mentors are welcome to join us in our activities throughout the school year as your schedule allows.

Mentors will be figures within the community whom will provide encouragement, and other pro-social behaviors that counters high incident rate of drug abuse, school dropout, criminal activity and delinquency.

Each mentor will need to be cleared by LISD to volunteer within the school district by completing necessary volunteer information. Pending approval by LISD, you will then be assigned a student from a particular school.

A mentor will need to serve the entire school year which is about an 8 month commitment.

the need

The challenge for our students in today's world is greater than ever, they have too few positive role models and far too many negative examples of what it is to be an adult. Gangs, drugs, Internet pornography, and teen pregnancies compound this critical time in a young child's life. Too many students get caught up in a path they may not have chosen if they had a mentor to help see options, weigh consequences and make positive choices.


- Call the school to inform the secretary or principal of your planned lunch visit.

- Lunch with 5th graders is typically held somewhere between 11:30AM and 12:30 PM and typically lasts for 25 minutes. Call the school for the exact time.

- Be sure to introduce yourself to the principal during your initial visit and of course the secretary or appropriate school staff member each time you visit the school.

- While introducing yourself to your student, make sure you make them feel valued, respected and appreciated.

- While interacting or eating lunch with your mentee, just be yourself.

- Do your best to keep your word to the student and keep your school visits as scheduled.

- Possible things to talk about with your mentee might be some of the following topics: how is your day going, how your families are doing, his successes at home and school or any recent disappointments at home or school, his and your heroes, hobbies, things you remember from being in elementary school.

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