In 2013, Tomorrow's Leaders expanded with the addition of our Girl's Program. We knew that there was a need for this among our young women and thus has allowed us to further our out-reach and increase our impact across LISD.
The 2017-2018 school year will focus on the following LISD elementary schools: Ervin, Guadalupe & Ramirez



In today's world, the rise of women in leadership positions is at an all time high. Yet we are still noticing that in many homes within minority families our young women still haven't broken that old mindset of them only bearing children, being stay at home mothers or being inferior to men.


Here at Tomorrow's Leaders that thinking doesn't exist. Our girl's program is designed to promote an encouraging and inspiring atmosphere. We want to ingrain in our girls that they have the potential to become successful career driven women and that they serve a big purpose in life besides being a mother.


Throughout the school year we will focus on the following topics with our girls:




Academic Responsibility

Sex Education

Financial Responsibility


Women's Health













Throughout the school year, we conduct several activities that are both educational and fun.


to view some photos of our past events.