The 2017-2018 school year will focus on the following LISD elementary schools: Ervin, Guadalupe, Alderson & Ramirez



The focus of this program is to challenge and inspire our young boys mentally, physically, spiritually and academically. We want our boys to become strong mature and respectful leaders.


The status quo tells us that kids who come from economically disadvantaged environments, single parent homes or is a child of an incarcerated parent are more likely to have lower expectations set for them by society.



Here at Tomorrow's Leaders we want to change that and prove that this is not the case.


We want to break the mold and change the mindset of these kids to encourage and put them on a path of excellence so the cultural disparities we see can become obsolete.


Throughout the school year we will focus on the following topics with our boys




Academic Responsibility

Sex Education

Financial Responsibility


Physical Fitness




We are seeing first hand that many of our boys have the knowledge and the potential to do great things in life but they just need some guidance. This is where our mentoring opportunity comes in. By having a direct outlet in their mentor, they can have someone to talk to one on one and also to have someone encourage, challenge and inspire them. Together with our educational activities that we hold throughout the year we believe a positive impact can be made in the lives of these kids.














Throughout the school year, we conduct several activities that are both educational and fun.


to view some photos of our past events.