Noe Brito

Noe Brito is the Founder and chair of Hombres Nobles. He is also a Co-founder of Tomorrow's Leaders. He is currently serving as our Executive Director. Noe has a deep passion for pushing people to succeed in life. He is a licensed chemical dependency counselor at the Lubbock Court Residential Treatment Center (CRTC), where he shares the message of hope to the adult men he works for. It's a message he has shared for 21 years.  When he counsels people with substance abuse problems, he counsels from experience. He was once a heroin addict, living in California and staring death in the face. “July 26, 1980, was the last time I put a needle in my vein. It’s my new birthday.” Noe is married to Sylvia Brito. He is the father of 3, Aaron, Nathan and Amy. He also has 3 grandchildren.


Some of Noe's other involvements include:


Former Deputy District Commander Royal Ranger (GLAD District)
Former MHMR Casemanager MR Program
Former MHMR Caseworker Methadone Program
Attended Southwestern AG University, Texas Tech University, South Plains College and Hazelden Addiction Training
Founder, 20/20 God's Way-Faith Based AA/NA
Founder, North America Hombres Nobles Development Corp. (non-profit)
Founder, Hombres Nobles Clothing (Men)
Board Member, Premier High School
Board Member, Boy Scouts of America



Eric Strong

Eric Strong was a cofounder of Tomorrow's Leaders. He was also a poet, an educator, a writer, an historical arts activist, a nationally recognized storyteller and the Founder and Director of Roots Historical Arts Council. He was the first-place winner of the 2007 Writers League of Texas Oral Storytelling Competition. Strong’s stories spoke to issues of tolerance, hope and self-esteem. His repertoire included stories of the Old West, African and African-American folktales, peace tales and personal stories; and is at times punctuated with music, song, dance, poetry and puppetry.


A former university administrator with over 25 years of experience in higher education, Strong garnered state and national recognition for innovation in college-prep programming for classroom teachers and limited income students. Strong held a Bachelors Degree from Prairie View A&M University and a Masters from Texas Tech. His service in the arts and humanities led to his being named “Man of the Year” on two occasions, once by the Confederated Women’s Clubs of West Texas and a second time by the area chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. He was awarded “Texas Man of Distinction” by the National Business League of Texas and “Top Techsan” by Texas Tech University.


Sadly on March 11, 2017, Eric passed away from complications due to an illness he had been battling. Eric left a lasting legacy that will be felt for many decades to come. He will be deeply missed.

For more information about his story telling, you can find him on the web at



Michael Goen

Michael is a Co-founder for the Tomorrow's Leaders Program

He has been a mentor since 2000. "I have had the pleasure to have some great mentors in my life. I feel that it is my responsibility to return this blessing to others. I have met with men at various times and places for accountability, encouragement or to just simply be a listening ear."


Some of Michael's other involvements include:


Teaching (1998 – 2007) He began teaching at Roscoe Wilson Elementary after graduating from Texas Tech University. He chose to teach elementary because he observed a need for male influences in younger grade levels. In his nine years of teaching, he taught over 600 children. Many of these children were being raised by their mother with little or no involvement of their father in their lives.

Spirit Ranch (2007-2009) Michael started by volunteering in 2007, two or three days a week and helped with over 20 events. In 2008, Spirit Ranch received a grant that allowed all United Way staff and board members (10 – 60 people) to have a day to work on team building, communication and developing leadership qualities. He contacted, organized and led seven different agencies day out at the ranch.

Literacy Lubbock (February 2009- July of 2010) Michael was in charge of meeting over 300 adult learners and approximately 100 volunteers and coordinating the complex schedules of both. He organized a 30-attendee faith based conference for the Lubbock community that partnered Literacy Lubbock’s services with 6 churches and 4 other ministries. He also helped with public relations (e.g., 30+ public-speaking events, coordinating publicity through 3 e-outlets & participated in media announcements) and fundraising.

Principal of Premier High School (July 2010 – June 2012). Michael is a former principal of a Charter school called Premier High School with 155, 6th - 12th grade students.

Volunteer/Lay Leader at City View Christian Fellowship (2000-present) He has led 20+ men’s retreats, 100+ fellowship meals, and small group events over the past ten years. He and his wife have led small groups (10-20 people) for couples for more than 12 years.

Founder & CEO of Men of Strength Ministries (2007-Present) Men of Strength is a non-profit, 501(3)c, ministry that mentors men to be better husbands, fathers and sons. Michael founded Men of Strength Ministries out of a passion for connecting men to Jesus Christ through non-conventional ways. He uses a wide array of outdoor and indoor activities (e.g., playing golf, mountain biking, shooting clays, pistol range shooting, etc.) to spend time with men and build relationships with them. This in turn allows him to share his testimony and offer guidance that they may be seeking to better their lives.



Sylvia Brito

Sylvia Brito is our Program Director. Sylvia was instrumental in the addition of our girls program, serving as the girl's program director. She is now the Program director for the entire organization. She has a passion to see our young students fulfill their potential; to encourage 5th grade students to finish high school and go to college and give back to their community. Her desire is to support our students and empower them to make confident decisions, envision themselves as leaders and recognize their self-worth.

Some of Sylvia’s involvements include:
Healthcare professional 1983 – current
Board member of YWCA 2013 – current
Member of Susan G. Komen Latino Committee 2012 – 2015
Women's Leadership Involvement at Emmanuel Worship Center 1990 – current
Past Director of Youth ministry at Templo Cristiano
Past Youth Sectional Leader of the Assemblies of God